4 Quick Ways To Save Time On Social Media

Many small charities and organisations operate with very few or no full-time staff, and volunteers want to get stuck in to helping their charitable causes, not updating social media.

Here’s 4 ways to help 🙂


Simple and free, I’d recommend using this for Twitter. Simply set how many times a day you’d like to tweet (I’d say a minimum of 3 in general.) Input all your tweets you want to send out, they will then be added to your queue and posted at times you set, or Buffer can be set for what it believes is optimum timing.

Keep your queue topped up and buffer will fire off your tweets, and then send you a handy little reminder email when all your content has been published 🙂

It also gives you some content recommendations, and some basic stats about which of your tweets has performed well.



Hootsuite is widely used in the sector. It’s has over 9 million users worldwide, and with good reason. Hootsuite is useful for managing multiple social networks, you can schedule updates for Facebook, Twitter and Google + extremely helpful for saving time, and managing multiple accounts. One hour scheduling on here and you’re set for the week!



I love Tweetdeck, owned and ran by Twitter themselves. It’s great for showing you everything going on at once on your account, especially helpful for keeping up to date with mentions, direct messages and what your audience are talking about.

You probably won’t need to use both Tweetdeck & Hootsuite (especially if most your social activity is on Twitter) so have a play with both and go with whichever you prefer.



Struggling for content? Use Buzzsumo to see the most shared content using keywords of your choice. You could write something of your own about something topical, or retweet something relevant to your organisation.

Let me know if these helped you in the comments 🙂


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